Corporate Events

Do you want to strengthen the interpersonal relationships that form the backbone of your company and improve staff communication and morals? Or maybe create a closer bond with your consumers and enhance your brand image? What about deepen your business relationships or establish new ones? Whatever your goal is, we are here to support your business objectives and provide you with innovative concepts that are in harmony with your culture and your budget.


We pride in having a great experience in implementing diverse corporate event types. Just tell us your requirements and we will create the best solution for your company’s success.

Conferences and Seminars

The success of every conference or seminar lies in the engagement of the delegates and the attractiveness of the topics discussed. Hook your audience by providing them with valuable insights and the latest trends and advancements in your field.

We help you offer your target audience a fascinating and thought-provoking experience by bringing to your event persons notable within your niche; industry speakers, influencers or celebrities. Using our experience and delivering the right speaker for your company, we foster interactivity within your audience and networking opportunities. We make sure your message is communicated effectively and your business objectives are met.

  • Planning of conferences and seminars of any scale or industry

  • Management of break-out sessions and workshops

  • Keynote speakers, industry experts, influencers and celebrities

  • Venue scouting and management

  • Delegation services

  • Logistics

Networking Events

Every aspiring businessperson craves for new partnerships or deals. We create the perfect ground to establish your product or service in the market or brand your company as an industry leader.

Our team can get the right experts and industry leaders to attend your networking event as speakers or hosts and give the extra flair it deserves. Let us organise your networking event so that you can connect, interact and establish new business opportunities in a relaxed environment.

VIP Events

Everybody enjoys being treated like a VIP. It makes people feel special, acknowledged and appreciated. Do you want to treat your key stakeholders, decision-makers or valued partners with a unique and high-end experience? Are you looking for something out of the norm with some extra sparkle? We can offer you that! Having top quality and exclusivity as our flagships, we create an outstanding experience, not just an event.

We plan VIP events according to your wishes and deliver them with extra attention to detail to make the experience treasured and unforgettable.

Incentive Trips

Your people are your strongest asset. An incentive trip is the ideal engaging approach for every company to motivate employees or partners and reward them. It achieves increased sales and boosts loyalty and success. Incentive trips are inspiring; they foster team spirit and performance while improving productivity.

We focus on your wishes and provide you with personalised off-the-beaten-track solutions and once-in-a -lifetime experiences.  Imagine sailing the Aegean Sea, where the blue of the sky meets the crystal clear waters, or discovering an unknown well-hidden gem of the Spanish mainland where the aromas of the earth blend with the sounds of nature. The options are endless! Our great flexibility and activity variance guarantee your satisfaction.

Pick one of our 3 dreamy destinations, Greece, Spain or Germany and let us take care of the rest. Live an immersive experience that satisfies your needs and awakens your senses! At the end of the day, it is the collection of our experiences that shapes us.

Gala Dinners

Is there a special occasion for you and your company to celebrate, like a milestone or a distinct achievement? Do you want to thank and reward your employees or engage your clients and stakeholders? A Gala dinner is the perfect solution for a sophisticated celebration.

We listen to your ideas and transform them into a one-off experience with lasting impressions. We plan your Gala dinner in a way that all attendees enjoy themselves in a prestigious and elegant venue with refined culinary experiences. Would a rooftop loft, a beach club, the deck of a boat or a terrace with view over ancient monuments be the ideal venue for your Gala? We think outside the box and provide you with numerous options. Our aim is to entertain you, delight you and give you something to remember for the years to come.   


  • Original selection of venues

  • Selection of refined F&B

  • A/V equipment

  • Venue and table decoration

  • Live music or DJ

  • Transportation

Team Building

A team where there is trust and strong relationships among its members just functions better. Keep your team’s spirit up and enhance its efficiency with our team-building activities. Give your staff the chance to establish stronger bonds with each other and you will get an excited work force that does the trick in return.

Whether indoors or outdoors, our vast variety of activities facilitate relationship building and boost motivation and inspiration. Solid relationships begin with shared experiences and we can make these experiences unforgettable!

Social Events

There is always a reason to celebrate and enjoy life! Do you want to make your birthday special and have an out of the ordinary day? Or maybe gift your partner or best friend a surprise party? Are you getting married and want everything to be perfect? Organising an event can be a daunting task so spare yourself the headache and let us plan your special day from A to Z! At the end of the day it is the details that do make a difference.

Share your wishes and ideas with us and we will come up with the best solution that will satisfy your needs and create bewildering experiences and memories for you, your family and friends!

  • Celebrations

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries

  • Weddings

  • Bachelors & Bachelorettes

  • Cocktail Parties

  • Nights out

  • Transportation

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